About Us

JJB DC Inc. is a telecommunications contracting group predominantly serving three jurisdictions, Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and the District of Columbia (DC). We also perform services in surrounding states upon request. JJB DC Incorporated has been in operation since early 2003. Our founding group has worked together for close to 15 years with each individual’s experience in the communications industry ranging from 15 to 50 years.

Our portfolio includes small projects valued from the thousands of dollars, to larger projects valued in the millions of dollars.

No matter the size of the project, we believe in providing our customers with unparalleled service and attention to detail. This has enabled us to assist a multitude of service providers and contractors and maintain the highest level of performance.

Management Team

Bruce Boone

Chief Executive Officer

With an abundance of drive and self-motivation, Bruce brings invaluable knowledge to JJB. With over fifty years of extensive experience in the communications sector and diverse exposure to various types of businesses as an owner, partner, and contractor, Bruce’s approach is one of unwavering and unparalleled knowledge and dedication. His mission is to satisfy all of the needs of the client with the long-term success in mind. Bruce’s vision and direction have navigated JJB to become the effective business that it is today.

John R. Ilko

Director of Design and Engineering

John brings decades of technical knowledge and systems process design management to our team. He is a solutions-oriented and detail-minded individual who quickly identifies and answers the needs of our clients, whether the task is technical, managerial, or logistical in nature. John organizes and directs our teams of engineers and CAD drafters as they fulfill their tasks in the most efficient and professional manner possible. Never satisfied with “good enough,” John presses forward for that extra edge in himself and those who work around him.